Editorial: It’s tradition!

Strasburg does not have a fiddler on the roof of the fire station, but the town does have a siren.

At least two interesting points were raised during Wednesday’s meeting about why the town needs that siren.

One is a technical issue brought up by the fire department: pagers that volunteers carry don’t go off in certain areas of Strasburg, including inside the fire station. The siren, they say, is the only other way they have of alerting volunteers.

That seems like a valid argument to keep sounding the siren.

But if a better way of communicating with volunteers is found, would the siren still be needed? Or would town residents, as noted in Thursday’s story about the meeting, feel it is a community tradition that needs to continue because it contributes charm and small town hominess to Strasburg?

The other point concerns new town residents or business owners who voice their opinion on issues. We wonder, how long does someone have to live in, work in, own a business in or pay taxes to a town before he or she can express an opinion and not have to hear or read a comment like this one posted on the Daily’s website on Thursday:

“What is the difference in hearing a wailing siren and listening to these whining suburbanites who have infested our town trying to bring their city ideas to the hills. If you want a fancy town center or stuff shirt stores then go back to Northern Virginia! You’re the key reason why my water/sewer & trash/recycling bill is draining my retirement fund. This is my town, we love the siren, we love our water tower and us good ole boys & girls love our little country town. City folk…Buh Bye!”

Some residents love Strasburg’s siren, and others just don’t. As one town resident at Thursday night’s meeting noted, “Trying to get rid of the bell is not a slight on the firemen.” Sometimes, the resident said, “things change.”