Letter to the Editor: Winchester should have hired teachers, not an assistant city manager

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What could $100,000 a year give the taxpayers within the city of Winchester?

Based on my research, Winchester could quite comfortably have two more full-time teachers hired along with a new teaching assistant.

Is not our public school system in much need of teachers? Is the city school system's student population becoming more and more diverse?

But what we get for $100,000 a year is a new assistant city manager who previously had a twitter account that had a description that read "Uncivil civil servant. You've been warned," Hollywood, Fla., Mayor Peter Bober told Florida news media last year.

What heck is that supposed to mean?

The new assistant city manager will take on some responsibilities from our city manager, who was hired at $142,000 a year back in April of 2012.

There is no doubt that our city school system is in much need of teachers, but what we get is a new assistant city manager who, according to a Miami Herald news story last year, had breath samples that showed his blood-alcohol level was .145 and .139, higher than the legal limit of .08 on a night in April 2012 when he was pulled over after leaving a gay strip club called Swinging Richards.

One can easily understand why the mayor and city commissioners of Hollywood, Fla., said they couldn't trust Winchester's new assistant city manager and questioned his judgment following the DUI arrest after being on the job as their city manager for just 14 weeks in 2012.

The perception is that our new assistant manager came out of that mess pretty darn good. What was that outcome? According to a June 2012 Miami Herald story: "a $66,000 payout, 12 months of health insurance and a promise by the city to not say anything bad about him."

I truly believe the taxpayers within the city of Winchester would feel more comfortable with their tax dollars being spent to hire two new full-time teachers and a new teaching assistant in our local school system while helping our young people to learn to become productive citizens.

Jeff Milburn, Winchester

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