Letter to the Editor: Chavez, Napolitano got it right

^ Posted 1 day ago


I recently read two interesting articles in the Northern Virginia Daily. One was written by Linda Chavez on Jan. 21, and the other was by Andrew P. Napolitano on Jan. 22.

The first was titled "The Speech that Obama should give" and the second was titled "Government has no federal police power."

If these two articles had been printed in September or mid-October before the presidential election, and if the people had read them, perhaps many of votes that President Obama got might have gone to Mitt Romney.

I quote from Chavez, "The unemployed want benefits to extend for months...in 2013 will cover 73 weeks of unemployment. Not only does this discourage people from looking for work...it hurts workers' chances of finding jobs..."

Also, it stated, "Drug abuse and alcoholism that interfere with the ability to work make many people eligible for SSI, SSDI, and food stamps." And "President Obama could choose to talk about what to do about these problems."

"...70 percent of the federal budget now goes for government dependency programs."
Now you know why so many illegals come to the United States, according to my surmise.

Kenton Gambill, Strasburg

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