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Letter to the Editor: Delegates - thanks for not representing Front Royal


Power trip with Virginia Del. Michael Webert, who chose twice to alter the Town Charter of Front Royal.

First, he filed Town Council's Charter changes for General Assembly approval without Section 6, paragraphs a, b, c on election changes. Noted by N. Shae Parker, efforts ensued by Town Council and town attorney to restore original language of the charter changes. Our three delegates' conduct did not permit our success at any time thereafter.

Instead, Webert eventually offered his amended version without consulting Town Council: Have November elections but in odd-numbered years. His concern for costs to the state in presidential election years caused him to select odd years. He doesn't know we have had even-year elections for 75 years. Zero impact change.

Webert's second amendment added party nominations because some constituents called wanting party nominations as means to be on the town ballot. Town Council is adamant that we remain nonpartisan. Our charter said "only by petition" to be on the ballot. Stay nonpartisan. In effect, we now lose federal employees from our candidate resource pool. We have a large commuter population to federal jobs; never intended their disenfranchisement.

Del. Todd Gilbert was asked to file the bill in Richmond, but claimed a conflict of interest. Town Council turning his add-on to the charter down, no conflict existed.

While a conflict, Webert was given the bill to file. Del. Beverly Sherwood did not want to handle the bill at any time. Thanks for non-representation of Front Royal.

Feb. 5 update: Gilbert sent the Webert amended bill back to committee. It died there. Charter changes cannot be made now until 2014 and would not take effect until 2016. Our three Musketeers represent us?

Linda J. Allen, Front Royal

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