Letter to the Editor: Fighting an evil government

^ Posted Feb. 6


The debate about guns has had surprising benefits. Until some representatives of the gun lobby spoke repeatedly on national TV, who would have thought that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to equip the people to fight an evil government?

We know that the government has nuclear weapons, tanks, artillery and planes. We now know that the people must be similarly armed.

So, as we account for each road and street, the first house selected must have a portable nuke. We know they're available - we fear terrorists have them. The second house must have a tank, together with massive magazines of ammo. We could drive them to the store!

Then, the third house will be supplied with an artillery piece, the fourth a bomber or fighter plane. So it would go, up and down each street and road. Without these weapons, the people might as well fight the government with BB guns.

Residents of condos and apartments would present an issue. But, with their ingenuity, these advocates will readily solve this little problem. Further, imagine the defenses we'll have when the U.N. invades the U.S.

This most thoughtful branch of the gun lobby should form the NRA - the National Revolting Association.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock

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