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Letter to the Editor: Keep the Strasburg siren sounding


At December's 2012 Town Council meeting an associate of Hometown Strasburg was saying that visitors were frightened by the fire siren and local businesses are complaining about it.

I guess they didn't know that the fire department was there. There should be caution signs at each town entrance warning that a fire siren may be sounded. The mufflers have been silenced, so what else?

This town should be honored to have the fire department and its members. The siren has been a tradition in Strasburg for years. When the siren goes off, it makes you more alert to your neighbors and their well being and that the firefighters are on their way, or you get out of the way.

There is more in this town to complain about than a siren. I think the sirens would be stopped on the firetruck if it weren't the law. Because other towns have stopped using the sirens, Strasburg has to do it too? There are still some members who don't have pagers. What if we didn't have a fire department to complain about?

I would think that it would be part of Strasburg's historical past after all of the generations that have been in the fire department and still are.

The fire siren and the people associated with it need respect. The siren doesn't really go off that much. There are days it doesn't go off. If they don't need the siren, maybe they don't need the volunteers, either.

I urge all citizens to support the fire siren at the Feb. 27 Town Council meeting. The siren makes me proud of who is coming.

Barbara McDonald, Strasburg

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