Letter to the Editor: The officer is a victim

^ Posted Feb. 12


In regards to the sentencing of a Culpeper police officer for shooting and killing an individual while fearing for his own safety: I often wonder how much longer we will have police officers and even firefighters.

We choose these individuals after background checks and lie detector tests. This individual is a war veteran, so in my book that makes him the cream of the crop. We pay them little money, their raises are the first to see cuts in budget considerations, we ask them to run into dangerous situations and when their own life is on the line we then persecute them and sentence them to jail time.

Of course, I would have liked for him to shoot out the tires of the car first before making the decision to shoot the victim. But in this case, who really was the victim?

I have taught my children to obey the law, and the officers, whether they think the officer is right or wrong, they are always to do what the officer says. We will deal with the consequences later.

Why was this lady driving away after having been stopped? In my book the officer is the victim here, and now he is being punished for doing his job. It would make me think twice about being a police officer, especially when we ask them to do it for peanuts. And had I been one of the jurors, I never would have convicted him.

Amy L. Gray, Woodstock

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