Letter to the Editor: Use Homeland Security funds to protect students

^ Posted Feb. 13


I received a letter from the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence. Below is what I wrote to them.


I don't know which kills the most people: guns? Or automobiles and trucks of all kinds?

If an accident happens frequently at a section of roadway, finally the highway department puts up signs: "Slow to 55 mph," or "No Passing," or "Stay in Your Lane," etc.

If hijackers of airliners take control and sometimes kill one or more passengers, I thought Congress would require an air marshal or two or three on an airliner. They did not. That is why we had "911."

Since colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools have been targeted, I would recommend doing what airline companies do now at airports. Even courthouses and buildings of public records have metal detectors, etc., at the entrance (all other entrances are blocked off).

The Homeland Security money ought to be used to protect the students in various schools in our nation.

If a parent wants to buy a gun, find out how many of the children are unstable before that parent may have a gun.

If you think "take away the guns," then take away the motor vehicles.

Also, how many patients in a hospital have been infected or injured or killed in a hospital? Take away the doctor, or nurse, or assistant in the hospital?

Kenton Gambill, Strasburg

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