Letter to the Editor: Now that election is over, we can't let down our guard

^ Posted 15 hours ago


The 2012 presidential election gave the American electorate a clear choice.

Are we a country that believes in solving our problems together through tax-funded programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment compensation, college grants to low income students, a progressive income tax that ensures that the 1 percent pay their fair share and the Affordable Care act? Or do we believe in the Romney/Ryan ticket that we are on our own, that if you can't make it, tough luck, it's your fault?

Do we believe in a government for the people or a government for the billionaires, a government that provides a safety net for the working class or a patchwork of private charities that have no obligation nor quite frankly the capacity to meet the needs of those who have fallen through the cracks through no fault of their own?

In the face of a well organized and well financed campaign based in large part on out right lies, the majority of the voting public sent a message loud and clear to the radicals who co-opted the Republican Party that our liberal democracy is still alive and kicking.

That being said, we must not let our guard down. We must continue to pressure this administration to make this the truly representative government envisioned by the founders.

First and foremost we must have a constitutional amendment to rid the political process of the corrupting influence of money. We must also insist on comprehensive immigration reform that leads to citizenship, and legislation to protect the right of workers to form unions. We must protect the social programs the provide a safety net for the working class and enact responsible, reasonable gun control legislation that will control the proliferation of assault weapons designed exclusively to kill human beings.

Why? Remember that guy who told us about loving our neighbor, doing unto others, casting the first stone and turning the other cheek. He's the guy the religious/political right claim to love while trying to dismantle the social programs that are essential to the well being of the working class.

Go figure!

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal

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