Editorial: Cheers to those who speak out

We’d like to send out cheers to area residents who care so much about their communities that they take time out of their busy lives to attend meetings to express their opinions.

Double cheers to Maggie Maloney, a Strasburg “double newcomer,” for her thoughtful reader commentary in today’s paper.

Newcomers – those who pay taxes or own a business in Strasburg or any of the “bergs” in the valley – have a right to offer their opinion and to work to bring about change in their hometown. It’s sad to think that some residents and businesses may not be speaking out because they feel bullied into silence by those who fear change.

“Time waits for no one,” according to a Rolling Stones song. Change is inevitable. You can ignore it, fight it or work to shape it.

* * *

Cheers also go out to residents who attended the Front Royal Town Council meeting on Monday to express themselves on the proposed letter of intent from Kratos Infrastructure LLC.

Town Council has been meeting with the McLean firm on a redevelopment proposal and on Monday the council considered signing a nonbinding agreement to form a partnership with Kratos.

Some residents voiced their concerns about not having enough information about the proposal, and the issue of cronyism was brought up. Kratos is managed by a former town manager, and a former town councilman is on the Kratos leadership team.

Others spoke in favor of a partnership, noting that more businesses and jobs are needed downtown. Council ended up voting 6-0 to not approve the letter, but this issue may not be dead yet. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

* * *

Cheers to readers who post thoughtful comments at nvdaily.com and to those who pen respectful and grammatically correct letters to the editor. Jeers to those who feel the need to ridicule, bash and bully anyone with an opinion different from their own.