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Letter to the Editor: Can sexually indulgent culture be objective about sexual morality?


As the Supreme Court hearings on homosexual marriage nears, proponents increase their social pressure on the court.

With love as their basis, leaders from business, sports and industry urge the court to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and other discriminatory state bans on marriage equality. Such influence adds to the perception that enshrining the right is the moral thing to do.

Popular opinion, however, clouds the central questions.

The court is not an arbiter of public opinion but of legality. Is sexual preference a constitutional right?

Can a sexually indulgent culture be objective about sexual morality?

Those are the questions and therein lies the greatest danger.

Pedophiles and plural marriage proponents have their arguments ready for the court's decision.

Despite passionate objections that will follow these comments and with these social forces already at work what guarantee can be offered that these "loving" sexual preferences will not also be enshrined as a constitutional right?

William Shifflett, Edinburg 

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