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Letter to the Editor: Siren complainers should find something else to complain about


My thanks to the citizens who support the use of the Strasburg fire siren: former fire chief Bill Walton, standing Fire Chief Bill Walton, standing Fire Chief Jeff Whorton, Richard Orndorff, Earl Cutlip, Ginny Hamrick, Chris Miller.

These citizens brought out some outstanding points. Most of the complainers just complain about something they know nothing about. Try texting and driving to an emergency at the same time. Maybe the complainers would like their emergency to occur in the dead spots. When response slows down, so does the fire department. And in regards to professional payed firefighters, maybe these complainers would like to pay higher taxes.

For the children in the area who are afraid of the siren and fire trucks, take them on a tour and explain what the siren does. The stores on Main Street are empty due to the economy, not the fire siren. Store fronts were full and still the siren sounded for years.

People who have lived here a short time think they can come into this town and tell us what we can and cannot have. There are apartments right next door to the fire department as well as drug store, beauty shop, insurance office and eatery. No complaints there.

I never heard of a siren causing bad health and headaches. If that were true, everybody should be having the same symptoms. Leave the siren alone. Find something else to complain about.

Barbara McDonald, Strasburg

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