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Letter to the Editor: Opinions expressed here are a delight to read


I wish to commend the Northern Virginia Daily for continuing to display such an interest in promoting local ideas. Especially noteworthy in my opinion are the two recent articles in the Daily written by Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatowoski and Andy Schmookler.

The views and ideas expressed by both were informative, well presented and concise. While much of the ideas and opinions expressed by both are not mine, and I have strong opposite views on several issues, I feel, as an informed, independent voter that we should be able to hear all sides of issues that are very important to us here in the valley.

We should be proud of having such people living and working in Shenandoah County. We need more educated, informed people who can express their opinions openly, without derisory comments and extremism.

This is a delight when you compare them to the talking heads on national coverage who rant and rave, taking extreme views and making slanted objective comments.

We should feel ourselves lucky to have local persons of such quality. I commend them both.

I strongly encourage the Northern Virginia Daily to continue giving the opportunity for individuals of opposing views to express themselves freely. An informed individual is a valued voter. To me, most politics is local.

Again, thank you for presenting local persons rather than the trend to only hear the TV networks and the national opinion writer talking heads.

Dan Smith, Edinburg

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