Letter to the Editor: Re: Strasburg trees, post office, siren complainers

^ Posted Mar. 9


How sad! Last Friday I went to the drug store in downtown Strasburg. I noticed the rest of the flowering pear trees had been cut down.

A number of years ago we (merchants) were approached by the town to give donations for the planting of the trees. They said they wanted to spruce up our town! I could have cried to think that in several weeks spring will be here and we will not have our beautiful flowering trees.

Then I went to the post office, climbed four steps, a landing, six steps and a landing before entering the post office. Having COPD, I had to rest and sat on the radiator since there is no chair or bench for the older folks to wait as there is usually a line in our post office.

Where is their ramp? I thought all business places were required to have a handicap entrance! Please, since the town is going to the expense of putting a park downtown, could you add to your plans a ramp at our post office? The postmaster general doesn't seem to care.

Then, what saddens me most of all is some town folks (mostly newcomers) want to take our necessary fire siren down. How thoughtless could you be?

Our rescue workers and firefighters do an excellent job. They are mostly volunteers and are always there, Johnnie on the spot! God bless them. We need them and they deserve nothing but praise!

How many times during the day does the fire alarm go off? If your little children are afraid, cover up their heads for several minutes (the average child loves to see the fire trucks.)

Beware complainers, the next fire could be at your house. Also, complainers, please try to solve our pigeon problem.

Evan Mae Pifer, Strasburg

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