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Letter to the Editor: Union vs. non-union


Some believe unions protect lazy workers, can prevent workers from being fired and cause economic recessions, but there's no evidence to support these beliefs.

Lazy workers are supervision issues; supervision assigns employees work and therefore is responsible to ensure the workers perform the work. Unions don't assign work or defend lazy workers.

Unions can't prevent workers from being fired, but do defend workers who've been "unfairly" fired. There's a difference between being fired "fairly" versus "unfairly."

"Unfair" labor practices are what caused "unionism" to come into existence decades ago, especially in the "safety" area. In a capitalistic economy, the employer is about "profits," even if it causes employees' injury or death."

Before unions, there was forced 60- to 80-hour work weeks, unsafe conditions, no vacations, benefits or pensions; just work until you were disabled, killed or died.

Anti-union folks should thank unions for the 40-hour work week, safety, vacations, pension and better wages - all union "negotiated" issues that also benefit non-union workers in a "follow suit" manner.

If unions disappeared, do anti-union people "think" the economy would take off like a launched rocket, unemployment would drop well below 5 percent and they would receive hefty wage and benefits increases? his is "ludicrous" thinking!

Do anti-union folks "think" they have an ally in government or capitalists? This is also "ludicrous" thinking! The only ally working people have is their fellow workers. The government could care less if you even have a job, and capitalists seek to reduce your wages and benefits or eliminate your job.

Governmental over taxation and over regulation cause economic recessions, hindering growth. Unions don't tax or regulate; they produce American-made products like non-union workers do. Are union workers overpaid? No worker is overpaid, but is overtaxed.

Unions helped build America and "negotiated" a better standard of living for its members and non-union workers also. Remember, the "United" States of America, itself, is a "union."

"We, the people" live in a corrupt society, thus, unionism" is the only avenue workers have to better themselves; to have their "voices" heard in unison.

Al Asbury, Mt. Jackson

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