Cheers & Jeers: 60 to 90 mph through Strasburg!

Jeers to those involved in that high-speed chase through downtown Strasburg last month. A criminal complaint filed this week gave us more information about that incident.

The chase started after a traffic stop in Middletown and ended after police raced south on U.S. 11, through Strasburg and the downtown construction zone. It ended when the Middletown cruiser crashed just outside town limits.

“This unit pursued the vehicle reaching 80 to 100 mph speeds,” the officer involved in the chase wrote in the criminal complaint.

The chase slowed down to 60 to 90 mph past the downtown construction zone. Really? Is this acceptable?

Front Royal town elections

Cheers to the Front Royal Town Council for overcoming a setback caused by legislators when they changed language in a charter amendment bill that called for moving town elections to November. The bill was killed this past session when it was sent back to a committee. The council this week voted 5-1 on an ordinance that moved town elections from May to November in even-numbered years. The ordinance also keeps the elections nonpartisan.

Pay up or shut up

A Strasburg resident sends jeers to those complaining about the Strasburg Volunteer Fire Department’s siren and cheers to the department for attempting to accommodate them.

This week the department decided to reduce the duration of the siren alerts from a two-minute cycle to a one-minute cycle.

The reader concludes, “When requests are levied upon a community essential service that increase[s] the operational burden to that service, those wanting this change should be willing to shoulder some of the expense of accommodating their desire, e.g. support for pagers for use by the selfless volunteers, etc.”