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Letter to the Editor: Our rights have been eroded


I wouldn't expect Ladd Everitt, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence director of communications, to feel that a gun give away is in good taste! Please don't look at history in the light of what is happening. When Nazi Germany registered guns, it was not sold as a confiscation tactic. But that's what happened. Once the people were unarmed, the government held a mass murder in the name of racial purity.

The reality is all of our rights have been eroded, and once universal background checks are in place and another criminal commits a horrific act, then there will be another reason to push for more regulations. The left is never quite satisfied with the anti-gun laws they currently have. They always want more, with the end game of leaving the law abiding defenseless against an increasingly tyrannical government and the criminal class.

This is all about control. Will they be satisfied with just getting rid of the Second Amendment? Not likely. The First will be next, but only for those who disagree with the government. What is left of the Bill of Rights will be crushed. Our founders knew this, which is why they protected our right to bear arms.

There is no evidence that continuing to restrict guns does anything to curb gun violence, In fact, statistics support that when guns are banned, murder rates increase. If Mr. Everitt and his coalition want to stop gun violence, they would work toward more education on gun safety, fixing our mental health system, shutting down plea bargaining/early release and encouraging, not inhibiting, concealed or even open carry. This is what has proven to make gun violence go away.

The gun is merely the tool that the human selected, just like the knife the attacker in Houston and the hijackers on 9/11 used. Getting rid of guns only hurts the law abiding and never the criminal. Wake up America, the carpet of our Bill of Rights is being pulled right from under our feet while we worry about whether it is in "good taste" to give away an AR-15!

Robin Laird, Strasburg

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