Letter to the Editor: Keep printing those positive news stories

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Thank you for printing some positive articles in a world that is made to look like it is falling down around us. A few months ago you did a front page article on a local family that has and is dealing with cancer with more than one family member. As a direct result, this family received a much needed van from a very generous family. How grateful they are, and all because of this paper. You told of their faith in God despite the circumstances.

You have kept the public abreast of the happenings at Wayside and the show will go on. The public needs to know about this wonderful establishment at our back door.

A more recent article on the family that was faced with a decision to have an abortion or not really hit home. This is in no way meant to make anyone have a guilt trip if you have had this done. Jesus forgave Peter when he denied him, and Thomas when he doubted, so he will do it for you and me. When you read the details on this miracle birth, it tells us who is really in charge. A doctor can use his best judgment, and I'm sure they did, but look who really has the final say. This family has more courage and faith than anyone can fathom.

Our family was faced with this decision about 27 years ago and thank God my wife had the good judgment to get another opinion for this young expectant mother. Today, a young man has a good paying job, has served in Iraq and is a father.

I hope you keep printing these types of stories for your readers. It gives us a reason to buy the paper. If you ride around with bumper stickers plastered on your vehicle for politicians who support the above as well as gay marriage, and attend a church that supports the same, well that's your decision.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg

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