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Letter to the Editor: Shame on the Internet police monitors


What is going on in Front Royal?

All kinds of violent crimes against humanity permeate the news. Yet, a family friend of our son, who we've known for over 10 years, was convicted of "possession of child pornography" and he served his time. There was no contact with the juveniles; it was strictly Internet pictures posted online, by others, of boys that he downloaded.

A crime? I don't think so! After all, how many men download porn (including under-aged women) on their computers these days? Answer: many.

The self-appointed police monitors (on the Internet) in the Front Royal area have attempted to derail any attempts for him to pursue a "regular" life in society, job opportunities, and online education.

Shame on you! He served his time and he didn't affect your life, in any way, yet you continue to prosecute him for your perceived misconceptions of his alleged "crimes" I sincerely doubt that you are sinless, and that is why you pursue this ridiculous persecution! If you proclaim yourself to be a Christian, then double shame on you!

Mary Ellen Brown, Stephens City

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