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Letter to the Editor: When will liberals realize Bush, Chaney are gone?


Gene Rigelon gave his opinion of the shortcomings of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney over Iraq in the Northern Virginia Daily in an April 6 column.

Rigelon gave no evidence to support his opinion. Instead, he launched into the same tired liberal arguments against the Iraq invasion. He does not specify which "...lies and manipulation that led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq" he refers. One can only assume weapons of mass destruction.

Most of the world was convinced they existed. Iraq didn't deny their existence and refused to allow inspectors to look. The U.N. wasn't sure if Iraq had WMDs. Most of us were surprised when none were found. Rigelon should ask himself if, before the invasion, he was absolutely sure that Iraq did not have them. Does he truly believe that Bush awoke one day, threw a dart at a map, and said "Let's invade that one."

Rigelon based his after-the-fact rationale on an article written by a liberal who speculates that the Iraqi people are no better off post-invasion because there is no security across large areas of the country.

According to Wikipedia regarding Iraq's economy, "An improved security environment and an initial wave of foreign investment are helping to spur economic activity...Inflation has decreased consistently since 2006 as the security situation has improved."

Rigelon then tells the story of an injured Iraqi veteran who blames Bush for his injuries. This unfortunate veteran needs help. He doesn't need to be exploited.

Does violence continue in Iraq? Yes. Is it Bush's fault? No more than the violence in Mexico. Rigelon might consider being less judgmental and remember that President Bush stated that "[my] biggest regret of all the presidency has to have been the intelligence failure in Iraq."

Fred Hughes, Woodstock

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