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Letter to the Editor: Who do taxpayers want to have power to raise taxes?


In response to the story by Daily reporter Joe Beck regarding Judge Hupp's dismissal of the Mark Prince lawsuits, I was present in court listening to Prince take on the bankers and lawyers in his effort to give back the constitutional right of taxpayers to vote on the funding of projects that raise their taxes.

The issue at hand is simple: Who do the taxpayers want to have the power to raise taxes? Should the elected officials have the power to raise taxes without a vote by the taxpayers, although required by the Virginia constitution? Or should the taxpayers have a check on the power of elected officials to raise taxes?

Judge Hupp dismissed the case on a procedural technicality that may not even stand up on appeal. The amended filings that Judge Hupp refused to hear actually addressed the merits of the lawsuits. Thus, Judge Hupp's refusal to hear the merits of the case is a travesty.

Why can't Judge Hupp allow a public discussion of the merits of the case? I would think it would be important to all parties to have the merits of the case adjudicated. But without a public hearing on the merits, how will anyone ever know?

Why would a courtroom be packed with high-powered lawyers from all over the state representing banks, the Attorney General's Office and elected officials? Why would these men and women be so scared? Could it be that all the worry and concern by the bankers and lawyers is because Prince's concerns indeed have merit?

I was shocked at what I saw in the court and it now makes one dare to at least wonder, "Could a cover-up be in play?" But, sadly, these important questions may never be answered. Judge Hupp now owns the results because he just poured gasoline on the small match Prince lit to give light to a very dark room of our government.

Hats off to Mark Prince, a former Marine, for loving his country enough to stand up to the Goliath of the establishment power brokers in Virginia.

Mike McHugh, Front Royal

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