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Reader Commentary: The question is, what are the true facts?


Some months ago, a letter was published in another paper which brought several retorts. The writer was told to "face the facts." For some time, the word facts has troubled this mind and since each individual presented the same remark, it was determined facing facts had to do with information from the Internet.

For this reasoning, does that infer that facts can be brought about only by the Internet? And, is there absolute truth in the word facts? An accepted fact in the mind of the individual, whether right or wrong, may not be the whole truth. We tend to be lazy in our perceptions and in turn fail to consider pros and cons, thus allowing others to reason for us.

With various information sources, including Fox News, one can discern on one's own; namely, think for self, and determine what is truth. With the current administration, as long as one agrees with the president's ideology you are "in" but otherwise you are "out." By his demeanor, he has expressed not liking Fox nor any source presenting conservative views, and there are many who agree. Have any of them viewed Fox to decide on their own? For some time, I listened to CNN or MSNBC; that is until they began bashing Fox. That peaked my interest. I turned to that channel and found that Fox proved to be less biased. With nothing perfect in this world of ours, Fox suits this almost 90 year old!

I believe a president is expected to represent all of the people and not just those who cater to his form of ideology, nor should a president interfere in matters not within his domain, which has occurred more than once these past years.

Our nation has undergone numerous changes and we could be headed toward a global one world in which we could end up in a form of serfdom. My generation grew up in a different era, which contributes to my seeing things differently. Our teachers were professionals who were able to teach without as much interference or prejudice. We were taught to respect our elders, manners and to respect another's property. We felt free. Now, little ones do something out of the ordinary and can be handcuffed like a criminal.

Maybe a time could come when we will be told what type of clothing we must wear. With that, I am reminded of an incident years ago while walking through a London park when three beings came from around a curve. The sight astounded me. Why? Each was wearing the same type of greenish outfit. My instant thought was they were aliens from another planet! Ha. They were from a communistic nation.

Of course, this nation is not perfect, but throughout the years following its inception a multitude chose to leave their native land and immigrate here -- all because they believed they would have more freedom.. With that, I think of American Indians who continue to live on reservations -- some by choice, some because it is their land. Many are merely existing.

This entity doesn't believe it is good for one to be offered handouts, especially if the individual is capable of being able to work. A handout could be likened to a crutch. You depend on its use and in time lose your ability to walk on your own. Of course, there are those in need and above all others should be cared for. If one is capable but chooses to accept handouts, there is a good chance that very individual might in time rebel. Why? Because the individual's character was weakened; a choice made with no consideration of a possible outcome which proved to one's detriment.

We don't need so much taxation. We need more employment, but not by means of the government! And we have no need for further EPA regulations! Stimulus packages have been a fiasco. And nationalization? Bailouts? Too much power given to those in charge contributes to our downfall. Little by little our liberty is being taken from us.

We are spiritual beings and don't need a form of dictatorship to tell us how to live. Or, do we? After all, this is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave! Freedom for everyone. Not just for those beings in power. A nation under God (our creator). Isn't that what America is about?

In view of the above, the question is. what are true facts?

Jean D. Bradford, Luray

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