Let’s change direction of government in Virginia


Republican Primary elections are approaching. Mark your calendar for June 11.

One indicator of how close we are is the level of political smears incumbents are unleashing on challengers. Let’s stick to the issues. I ask you to support Mark Berg and Dave LaRock for delegate in the General Assembly for two main reasons: lower taxes and smaller government. These are two of the common-sense, conservative values and principles found in the Republican Party creed and most all tea parties.

This year, some of our incumbent establishment Republicans in the General Assembly joined with Democrats and passed one of Virginia’s largest tax increases – The $6 billion transportation funding bill. There were many alternatives to raising taxes on Virginians, but it appears when our representatives gathered in Richmond, the only solution they found was to raise taxes.

The real problem is the long-term trend. Between 2000-2012, state spending has increased 94 percent, from $22 billion to $43 billion while our population has only increased 15 percent. This course is not sustainable.

This past session, Del. Beverly Sherwood sponsored, Joe May supported and the Virginia General Assembly passed House Bill 2048 – the water quality program consolidation at the Department of Environmental Quality. This bill is an example of government over-regulation. This is the type of consolidation of power in government agencies that has given us the EPA at the federal level. We have seen the results of this as we supported our attorney general in his fight against the EPA in Fairfax County.

Now we are poised to implement ObamaCare in Virginia, as the House leadership has appointed Sherwood to the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission. We must stop the continued increase in the size and scope of state government.

Let’s change the direction of government in Virginia. We need to support policy and programs like the Cuccinelli Economic Growth & Virginia Jobs Plan. Berg and LaRock are committed to fight alongside Ken Cuccinelli for lower, flatter, fairer taxes in the commonwealth.

Expect nothing less than an increased taxes and government expansion as long as we continue to elect the same representatives.

Jay L. Marts, Winchester