Letter to the Editor: Inconsistency in our society


The Oklahoma tragedy highlights an inconsistency in America’s thought life.

We spend billions of dollars in schools and universities teaching children and young adults there is no God. “We’re products of random, evolutionary processes, and our lives end at the grave.” Yet when incomprehensible tragedy strikes, our first words advocate praying to this God we’ve spent our resources denying.

Should we expect an answer?

Nor is this our only area of inconsistency. Our society deems sex to be the ultimate life experience. Consequently, we herald the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit models, allowing them to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange, then fire a Florida school teacher for posing as a model in a far less revealing bikini.

We affirm the importance of fathers in the home then advocate lifestyles that remove them entirely.

We declare one ethic, but we live another altogether.

Can any culture survive such contradictory thinking?

William Shifflett, Edinburg