Letter to the Editor: County needs fiscally responsible leaders


There is a crime being committed in Shenandoah County, and it is the way the Board of Supervisors treats our sheriff and the entire Sheriff’s Office.

There is a crime being committed in Shenandoah County in the way the Board of Supervisors spends money without regard to the taxpayers.

Board members call themselves progressives? Now they will make another terrible decision by not using part of the local jail for temporary housing of prisoners to be transported to the Regional Jail when it is finished. How can they tie our sheriff’s hands and then expect him to do a responsible job?

The Sheriff’s Office already has used money from its own resources to fund resource officers to protect our schools. I am sure the board would rather squander that money, if they could get their hands on it, on some frivolous thing they don’t need.

In the meantime the Sheriff’s Office (no matter who the sheriff is) will have the additional responsibility and cost of transporting and guarding prisoners all the way over to Warren County. I will guarantee the will not give the Sheriff’s Office the needed funds to staff it or the vehicles or anything else they need to do it safely.

Now the local police chiefs are feeling the pain of the board’s poor decisions, and once again it will be the taxpayer who bears the brunt of the cost. The taxpayers of Shenandoah County need to start getting rid of this tax-and-spend liberal board and put some fiscally responsible conservatives on there who will look out for our interests.

Sandra Engle, Mount Jackson