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Letter to the Editor: Change in leadership is only solution


I write this letter as a wakeup call to the tax-paying citizens of Shenandoah County.

For a second consecutive year, country supervisors have raised taxes. They not only raised real estate rates, but also the tax on cars and trucks. These two rate increases will pale in comparison to future ones that are soon coming to cover the regional jail, new courthouse, office building, and renovations to the former Edinburg School.

My tax bill will increase from $2,900 in 2012 to almost $3,300 when the new rates kick in. This is a ridiculous and an unacceptable amount of money for any one individual to burden.

As a small business owner, I must purchase my own health insurance. I currently pay almost $10,000 annually in premiums, and several thousand in deductible and co-pay.

Hardly anyone that I talked to who works in the private sector has received a pay increase in the past several years. The School Board seems to think that school employees deserve fairly regular pay increases and should not have to contribute a dime toward their health insurance.

There is one thing that we can all be sure of, supervisors, administrators, and probably most county employees, could not care less about the general public. The small business owner and the elderly struggling on a fixed income mean very little to them

Now, here is how we can remedy this situation. In November, there will be two intelligent, common-sense-thinking candidates representing districts four and five. They are Marsha Shruntz and Cindy Bailey. Having talked to both individuals, I can guarantee that they will start to turn country government around, getting back to true, conservative leadership.

We are at a very critical point in this county. I hope everyone understands the gravity of the financial crisis these current supervisors are dragging us into. A change in leadership is the only solution. Let's start that change this Nov. 5, election day!

Michael Wakeman, Edinburg

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