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Letter to the Editor: No evidence the XL pipeline will lower gas prices at the pump


I'm sorry, but a recent letter to the editor by James D. Tankersley Jr. regarding the XL pipeline was a bit much to stomach. He states, "We need Keystone refinement in working order now. We need natural gas compression for truck fuel. . . . The Keystone pipeline can lower prices."

I just could not pass this by and let it stand unchallenged. There is no evidence that the XL pipeline will lower or even stabilize prices at the pump for gas. As I understand it, all of that tar sands oil will be refined into fuel for China and other countries, not for us. In addition, nothing about natural gas has anything to do with the XL pipeline.

The concern I have with the XL pipeline is that every state legislature involved in this pipeline gave a foreign country's corporation (Trans Canada) imminent domain power over private landowners to run this pipeline across their land without any requirement that such a taking of private property serves the common good. Many of these landowners are ranchers and farmers opposed to this usurpation of their private landowner rights.

More to the point, most folks I have read indicate that the cost of diesel fuel in the Midwest will rise if the XL pipeline is approved. Regardless, all of this concern on my part is probably useless since it appears the oil companies are using existing pipelines to carry this most corrosive substance (tar sands crude) anyway.

Witness the recent "oil" spill in the Exxon-Mobil pipeline in Mayflower, Ark., that is devastating that community. Of course, we don't know much about it, because the media is being kept out of the area. Yet, people have been forced out of their homes due to this industrial terrorism, and an entire water source polluted, and it goes unreported in the major news outlets.

So, let's just ignore the effects of this industrial terrorism that kills and destroys more homes and land and eventually the people, too. Let's do that just because some shill for big oil says it will lower your cost at the pump, even though it will not.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley

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