Reader commentary: Lying, greed becoming the norm

By Jean D. Bradford

There was once a 6-year old who happened to be alone in the living room. She spied her aunt’s purse and on a whim slipped her hand inside to check the contents. Was she surprised when she pulled out a five-dollar bill.

Without hesitation she hurried to the local drugstore and in no time the five-dollar bill was spent on a box of candy plus a bagful of loose candies. No sooner had she left the store when she was accompanied by several of her friends. While eating the candies, they were arm in arm; happy as they could be. Shortly after, they ended up on the street where she and her relatives lived. Outside her grandparents’ home stood several adults. Her daddy was among them. She was tired of holding on to the box of candy and decided to hand it to her daddy. He was speechless. Nor did she say a word. She and friends continued on down the block.

When it was time to go home, what do you know – there was her mother standing in the doorway obviously waiting for her. She had a switch in hand. With that switch, her mother gave her a sound beating and all the while she repeated she didn’t like a liar or a thief. Those were the days when the “rod wasn’t spared” and parents didn’t hesitate to punish with their bare hands and/or switches (a few even made use of razor straps which could have caused welts on bodies). However, not long after that episode, she stole a dime from another aunt and with it purchased three bars of candy, but with a conscience as a result of the previous beating, she confessed to her aunt. As a result, this little girl grew up with a conscience because she found it difficult to lie or steal.

Nowadays, it appears lying and greed have become the norm of everyday life for far too many and especially in high places – the very ones who should be setting an example. Even the media fails to tell the truth. We tend to blame others for our misdeeds and don’t accept responsibility for our actions. Trashing and/or threatening another’s reputation appears to be a way of life these days.

Presently, we have three whistle-blowers (career employees with the Department of State) who are being questioned by Congressional members concerning he Benghazi debacle. Even though threatened by “high ups” and placed in positions beneath what they have been privy to, they chose to speak out. And the then Secretary of State along with the President played innocent of any wrongdoing. They blamed the murders on a video and jailed the producer who, it is understood, is still incarcerated.

Now, we have the DOJ who has failed to turn over papers to Congress concerning the “fast and furious” weapons fiasco which brought about the murder of a border patrol agent. Stone walling as usual. Now, it is questionable about the DOJ checking numerous telephone records regarding the AP. Along with all of this, the President chooses to act innocent.

And a once candidate for president made a big to-do about “global warming.” His warning was accompanied by certain Research Scientists who, it was revealed, were coerced into agreeing with him. Surely, our Creator knows more than he. And more than once the President spoke out and remarked the middle class would not be further taxed. Soon after, paychecks revealed differently. And Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona prefers adhering to the law of the land and as a result has been threatened by the DOJ. The DOJ has been trying to get him out of the system, along with others who believe as he. There is an impending lawsuit.

And talk about lies. A young woman over killed her ex-lover and made him out to be a sexual deviant and pedophile. Even though he is six feet under, she continues to trash him and his reputation.

It has been revealed several who have been or are presently in power have amassed a fortune through various underhanded means-even selling classified information to foreign nations (China, and Russia?). And the current President has given top-secret missile information to Russia. While Clinton was President, he hired a Chinese nationalist to head a Department and not even a citizen of the U.S.!

Isn’t it about time for self-evaluation? Each of us can help bring about a better world by means of truthfulness and being kind and caring for others-and even develop a conscience along the way! And expect our “leaders” to do the same?

Jean D. Bradford is a Luray resident.