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Reader commentary: 10-year ordeal in Cleveland baffling

Eric Connally

By Edward Connolly

I have been trying to wrap my mind around this ordeal in Cleveland since it came to light. I have been asking myself, how could this happen with all the standard procedures in place when kids go missing?

I am a strong advocate of our men and woman in the police force and I cast no doubt on their part when given the ingrained fallout of political correctness, but it is what it is, and I leave that to the readers.

What happened? Or should I say, what didn't happen? I believe if I lived in that neighborhood with my inquisitiveness and common sense, those girls would have been found in the first week. These are the things that just baffle the mind. What happened to the intense scrutiny of friends, family and relatives? Who are always the first suspects? And what is so abnormal about three brothers living in a house with plywood on all windows?
When no bodies were found, that house would have been the first place I would have looked, even before I started looking for the dead bodies. I would have gotten a search warrant and went through that house like a crack addict looking for money, and if I couldn't get a search warrant I would have posed as a pushy window salesman.

How does someone get away with these kidnappings for 10 years? Excuse me, I need to duct tape my head, it's getting ready to explode.

Winter, spring, summer, fall. Someone dropped the ball. Ten years! More duct tape, please.
Ten years! And they were right under the nose of the community. Ten winters, springs, summers and fall. Just think about this. What did people need to see? A man with horns in a red cape holding a three-pronged fork, lighting his grill with the wave of his hand, coming and going from a house with plywood covering the windows?

Now it comes out the suspect was accused of attacking his wife. Where was the medical staff when she was hospitalized? I took my 4-year-old daughter to the emergency room for a painful urinary tract infection. She had some small bruises on her from playing on wooden blocks at day care and both her and I were given the third degree. I was being grilled for child abuse. Good thing I didn't have my windows boarded up with plywood.

What could have made the suspect so impervious to scrutiny by the police, medical staff and neighbors? Police had been called to that house. They knocked on the door, nobody answered, so they left. I know trick-or-treaters more persistent than that when my lights are off and there's a sign on my door saying "sorry, not at home." More duct tape please, and a few bloodhounds... Bloodhounds?

Could it have been that these girls were prisoners of political correctness run amuck, or just a brain dead community without a clue? This could be 13 Twilight Zone episodes in one. I'm going to Lowes now for more duct tape. Nightmare on Elm St couldn't hold a candle to this real life horror story. And every day I think I heard it all. It may just have stopped here... I pray.

Ed Connolly is a Front Royal resident.

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