Letter to the Editor: Front Royal vote to protest regulations is appalling


I was appalled to read in Monday’s paper that five members of the Town Council voted to protest regulations that require the town to upgrade its water treatment plant.

The reason? Certainly it was not because tests of town water show that it is free from contaminants that could make townspeople sick.

Basically the sentiment was, “Those feds can’t tell us what we have to do!”

Better to save some money and play tough guys than ensure town water is safe for its citizens. Would they also vote to have no U.S. Department of Agriculture to inspect our meat products?

Would they fly in skies not regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration?

Thank goodness we have the federal agencies to protect us from officials who do not have the public’s interest at heart. Thank goodness I live outside of the town limits, but I’m concerned for those who do not.

Janet Brome, Bentonville