Letter to the Editor: Todd Gilbert needs to debate Mark Prince


Until Virginia patriots wake up to the real nature of politics and politicians we will continue our slide into servitude on Gov. Bob McDonnell’s state plantation with the help of Todd Gilbert.

Nothing happens without GOP party boss Bill Howell’s lieutenant, Gilbert, being in on the “fix.” That is why Gilbert won’t debate Mark Prince. It is easier to spend tens of thousands of dollars throwing mud in the mail.

As a Richmond lobbyist, I have worked closely with Gilbert and Del. Beverly Sherwood. I have watched Gilbert evolve from rookie to political muscle man for Howell. Gilbert even got Sherwood to vote for McDonnell’s gun registration scheme, SB 1378.

Howell won’t stay party boss very long putting his NOVA RINOS on the record. Creating a good vote on the record, but plotting to kill bills later, is one of the myriad of tools Gilbert uses to serve Howell.

For instance, Gilbert voted for conservative hero Bob Marshall’s pro-gun HB 2340 and then with Kirk Cox got it killed in the appropriations committee. The NRA and Family Foundation then make money telling you how great Gilbert is instead of holding Gilbert accountable for killing bills.

Family Foundation refused to report Marshall’s 2007 Life at Conception Act vote because Marshall defied Howell. Marshall forced the vote on it.

The NRA wrote the 2013 Obama Private Data Base Bill, HB 2240, but the State Police helped my gun lobby kill it in the Senate.

Gilbert needs to step up and debate Prince.

Mike McHugh, Front Royal