Letter to the Editor: Gilbert will represent us best


I am a right wing conservative Republican. I don’t agree with same sex marriage. I think abortion is murder. I don’t like the government telling me I can’t own a gun.

I don’t need the government running my business. I can screw it up on my own and can make a bitter mess of it with their regulations and interference. I don’t need the government telling me my health care does not meet their requirements. It’s been fine for 69 years, so don’t mess with it.

I call myself a Christian and even though I fall short, I am forgiven. I don’t have any doubt Jesus is the son of God and died and was raised from the dead three days later.

I think Todd Gilbert has done an excellent job and will continue to do so, so my vote goes to him. I think he has worked very hard to make sure the above statements can be held up.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a small business owner, and out of the goodness of their heart they provide health care, not because they had to but because they want to. Business is down and the cost of the insurance is up. What will they do? Lay off people or cut out the insurance? Tough call for sure.

I feel sure Gilbert will represent us in best way he can. My vote is for him on Tuesday, June 11.

Earl Cutlip. Strasburg