Letter to the Editor: It’s all very true


Please read this as a story to make you laugh and not to feel sorry for me. I can assure you not one word is made up, it’s all very true.

I awoke Saturday morning long before 6 a.m. and not very happy about that. I turned my phone on and looked at the messages left during the night. There were four.

The first three were from a young man 1,700 miles away blaming me because he was in jail, all because I didn’t answer my phone.

The next one said it’s almost midnight and your dog is loose. After catching the dog and telling her what I was going to do to her I made a cup of coffee and went to the yard to try to settle down. A man pulled across the road that seemed to being doing quite well, all because he beat me out of $8,000, as well as many others.

I thought about an individual who was packing for a week’s vacation and who has not worked in months or years and was doing very well. I hired an 18 year old to work to give him another chance. He was late or didn’t show up at all and didn’t know which end was up when he was there. Now he is bragging about sleeping all day. He told someone I was a part of the human body that I won’t print. I wrote his check and signed it just what he called me and he got angry because he couldn’t cash it. His family rewarded him with a party and his grandmother is taking him shopping.

I put a transmission in a car and now the temperatures gauge won’t work and it’s my fault.

I have a copy of my first paycheck at age 10 for $15 a month. Fifty nine years later I’m still working and very grateful.

I sure wish I was a Democrat so I could do all the above and say I’m entitled to that. Please laugh, I am now.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg