Letter to the Editor: More liberal smoke and mirrors


Republicans plan to make President Obama fail. So wrote Andy Schmookler on May 31 from Oz. I hope he’s right. His rant arose from the National Review’s appeal to continue resisting Obama’s failed policies.

Schmookler stated, “The deficit has been falling for several years, at the fastest rate in history.” Even if this were true, which it is not, it is disingenuous. Obama created the deficits!! Are we supposed to praise him for fixing his own mess? Besides, his cure of massive tax hikes is harmful to the American people. Further, Schmookler failed to mention that the Congressional Budget Office projects the deficits will begin increasing in 2016.

Schmookler stated, “[Republicans] … succeeded in imposing cuts that put additional hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work.” From one side of their mouths liberals brag about falling unemployment and from the other side they blame Republicans for rising unemployment; all the while ignoring that unemployment remains dismally high under Obama.

Schmookler admits between-the-lines that Obamacare has not solved our health care problems and claims it was a Republican idea to begin with. Today’s youth would say “OMG.” Then he states Republicans have never made serious proposals to fix this national problem. He’s apparently unfamiliar with Conservatism 101: Free Enterprise. Schmookler goes on to propose more government regulations and intervention in our lives and criticizes conservatives for opposing them.

Schmookler then makes this laughable claim, “…nothing he [Obama] has proposed is extreme by any reasonable criteria.” How about Obamacare? Unconstitutional appointments to the NLRB? UN Agenda 21? His dance around Benghazi, the IRS, and Holder? As Jay Leno said, “They’ve gone from ‘Change you can believe in’ to ‘Changing the story until you believe it’.”

Yes, Mr. Schmookler, I hope Obama fails. Fails in what I believe is his primary goal – to change the basic fabric of America into his near-socialist world view. In 2001 he said this, “I think … the Constitution … reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day.” That is an inspiring viewpoint for a man sworn to defend the Constitution.

Fred Hughes, Woodstock