Letter to the Editor: Talk about smoke and mirrors


I read with interest and amusement Fred Hughes’ letter published on June 6. The headline of the piece read, “More liberal smoke and mirrors.” It went on to criticize a May 31 article by Andy Schmookler.

Hughes leads off with the charge that “Obama created the deficit!” He surely knows better. His research assistant apparently goofed. Talk about smoke and mirrors.

The world knows that the deficit was created when George W. Bush launched a disastrous war at the same time he engineered a big tax cut for the rich. He paid for the war with the deficit. This occurred immediately after a period of budget surpluses created under the leadership of Bill Clinton.

Thus having established its author’s credibility, the rest of Hughes’ letter merits no comment. But the tea party, with which Hughes is quite familiar, does.

Statements like the one quoted above are stock and trade for the teaists. The chairperson of the tea party caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives, Michelle Bachmann, issued a catalog of falsehoods, which she often repeated after knowing that they were false. They have kept her from running for re-election. Several of the teaists’ candidates for the U.S. Senate, initially favored to win, were plagued by statements so bizarre and disturbing that they were crushed at the polls.

Such experiences did not deter the Republican Party of Virginia, in the grip of teaists in a convention, from nominating candidates for statewide office who met the extremist standards set by their counterparts in other states. No wonder Bob Dole, former GOP candidate for president, recently said that the Republican Party, as presently constituted, would reject him and Ronald Reagan.

Voters of the Northern Valley, beware!

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock