Letter to the Editor: Taxpayers will have to pay for war against Syria


Well, it is happening again. The president of the United States has found an excuse to invade or attack another Muslim country.

Did George W. Bush have a consensus vote by the people of the U.S.A to invade Iraq? I don’t think he asked Congress. He just did it.

Obama may have to face Russia, which seems to like Syria, if he declares war against Assad, Syria’s ruler.

When the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, perhaps Russia was laughing at the United States.

If we attack another Muslim country, about 30 percent will like us and about 50 percent will enjoy setting off bombs wherever U.S. forces show up on the ground. And Russia may send military aid to Assad or send Russian pilots.

The taxpayers will be responsible for paying for all the warfare. And Obama will be checking your phone calls.

Kenton Gambill, Strasburg