Letter to the Editor: Conservative Republicans don’t vote to raise taxes


Our current members of the Board of Supervisors claim to be Republicans. They are not.

The Virginia Republican creed promotes “fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government.” This board fails 100 percent in this area, and true conservative Republicans do not vote to raise taxes.They cut spending.

Board members should do the job they are elected to do and that is to produce a line item budget taxpayers can live with. Are department heads instructed to cut their budgets? Do they meet with each other exchanging ideas on how each department might exchange or eliminate wasteful spending?

Taxpayers realize services, schools and public safety must be funded first and that state mandates are a fact of life.

The Comprehensive Plan of 2005 was developed and written by a diverse mix of Shenandoah County citizens who are extremely intelligent. That is realized because our county ranks fifth in Virginia for farming, and their proposals have supported agriculture and farming. This is how it should be. I pray the Boneta Bill will pass in 2014. The bill was introduced this past session in our House of Delegates. It will allow the farming community to sell the products it produces on farms and property zoned agriculture. The bill failed in the Virginia State Senate for 2013, but it will be introduced again in 2014.

We have to be prepared for the work ahead in 2015 when the reality of the last four years slaps us in the face — building, uncontrolled spending, lease to own policies and heavy county debt.

Economic development and jobs can happen here if officials would reach out to those who can help us develop it. Hoping it happens does not work, but reaching out will work.

The last sentence in the creed is “that faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers, is essential to the moral fiber of our nation.” Moral fiber and honesty go hand in hand.

Marsha Shruntz, Strasburg