Letter to the Editor: Wars were not out of necessity, but of choice


As a retired veteran I must respond to Fred Hughes’ letter dated June 6. Much of his letter is hogwash. Maybe Andy Schmookler has some good ideas, but we didn’t give him a chance. One of the best things the American voter has is the right to change the political leader who is not doing his or her responsibility to constituents. We foster that every citizen has the right to vote, but in many states this did not happen. Take Florida, for instance, where approximately 250,000 residents were denied the right to vote.

It is very obvious with a 10 percent approval rating of Congress that they are not doing their job. The president has been trying for five years to implement monies for the infrastructure. Everyone seems to understand that 60 percent of our roads and bridge systems are inferior. We’ve have had two bridges collapse and a third one before those on Interstate 95 in Connecticut. How many more must we have?

Hughes’ desire to have President Obama fail means Hughes does not care that the country or the people will fail. Also, Hughes, “How many trillion dollars did the war cost?” According to the George W. Bush administration, Iraq oil was supposed to pay for its cost. Accordingly, Dick Cheney’s companies made billions. Check with the Associated Press on why the infrastructure was not protected and why over 100,000 Iraq citizens were killed.

What is the dance about Benghazi by Schmookler? If Hughes would only check the record during the Bush administration, he would find that during the Bush tenure 53 people died serving the U.S. consulates around the world. Also, Hughes, please take note that Bush was the first and only president to violate the Geneva Convention.

I would like to make an offer to Hughes to visit Walter Reed and Bethesda Military Hospitals to view the outcome of two wars. These two wars were not of necessity, but out of choice.

Anthony B. Mann, Mount Jackson