Letter to the Editor: We’re all human, and something more


Being human and not spiritually mature, we see dimly rather than more clearly. No omniscient, we do not possess all the facts or knowledge – ever. At best, we make choices and decisions only on what we know intellectually and by gut feeling/intuition and maybe something more.

On occasion, you may address to God prayers of petition (please, save my child) and gratitude (oh, thank you, thank you). Where do these thought-prayers come from? Something human, maybe divine spirituality? And, where do they go? Ponder these things.

Whether believer, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Christian or atheist, aren’t we all and each human and perhaps something more? Something that compels compassion and love, respect and sympathy, gratitude and joy toward others who we know and meet daily. With eyes wide open and hearts and minds in sync in our relationships with family, friends and neighbors, we may express these qualities.

When tornadoes, earthquakes and other “waves of mass destruction” come, to which powerful and influential friend (if you can name one) do you say, “please, please” or “thank you, thank you” when healing comes? Probably no one you know. You simply send your prayer out there. If you know Jesus, you name God.

Whatever the answer, the one you ardently asked for or the one you least wanted, you breathe out that prayer-thought and let it go. Where mystery? Miracle? God? Some call it universal life force. Whatever; but it’s a good and wonderful something, isn’t it? Something more?

Libby Truesdale, Strasburg