Letter to the Editor: What’s up with the election ‘greeters’?


Tuesday was Primary Election Day in Virginia, and voters who care went to the polls to do their duty. But there’s always something new.

Today we found fancy little printed signs lying on the pavement. If you managed to read one, (because evidently no consideration was given to designing them so that they would not blow over) you learned that there was to be no electioneering beyond that point.

Nothing new about that, except that fancy worthless signs equal fancy worthless new ways to spend taxpayers’ money.

The next obstacle was completely new — a very in-your-face “greeter” interfering with clear access to the door of the polling place, demanding to know if one was carrying identification, and if one was aware that this was a two-party election.

Excuse me? Who was this person? Was she an election official? Not one that I was expecting. Was she paid? By whom? Was she a member of some special political class that has not yet been outed, collecting information?

I am prepared to believe that the election officials, in their arrogant condescension, thought they were helping those voters who did not know why they were at the polls. However, those with thin skin might call it intimidation, or might actually be intimidated.

Personally, if I go to the polls without the necessary accoutrements, then let me be chastised inside by the election officials, and let me crawl home mortified to rectify the error.

Greeters are great at Walmart. At the polls, I’d prefer to be alone with my thoughts after I pass the no-electioneering barrier.

Ann Hunter, Fort Valley