Letter to the Editor: Cuccinelli’s veterans’ plan looks promising


Finally, someone steps in the right direction for Veterans of Virginia! Ken Cuccinelli’s plan actually looks at Virginia’s system under the Department of Veteran Services and other state agencies and sees the need to repair and enhance — not just build another layer of cream cheese and sprinkles!

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s, “Virginia is for Veterans” did just that. Former Gov. Tim Kaine patted the back of a commissioner of Department of Veterans Services I worked under. Veterans do not want a hand out, but some do need a hand up. The system on the federal level is broken — so far away from our military system as it can get. Virginia has to stand up and demand that it is as fine tuned as those who are serving.

Virginia taxes military retirees, thus their families, too. Several states do not. As a veteran, I don’t mind that as long as I know my taxes are taking veterans seriously. We do not have time to be prancing around. We are busy helping other veterans on the ground and our hands are full! Our World War II veterans are passing away, leaving widows. Our veterans cemetery has been full for 50 years!

Ken Cuccinelli, you have my vote and I hold you to your veterans coalition and veterans policy rollout.

Rex A. Ingram, Maurertown