Letter to the Editor: Church is just following the Bible


I had to chuckle at Gene Rigelon’s letter to the editor that appeared in the paper on July 19.

He questioned Terry Keaton’s honesty regarding Keaton’s church withdrawing support for the Boy Scouts, as a result of the Boy Scouts changing their policies regarding homosexual participation in the organization! Policies, by the way, that had been in place for more than 100 years!

What I found funny was this outspoken atheist questioning anyone’s honesty!(Wouldn’t that require some sort of a moral standard?) I read Keaton’s letter and thought it was very honest, truthful and sad, sad for the boys of Crew 247 and their leaders, who will now have to find another location to meet as a result of the Scout’s lowering of their standards.

Rigelon also gave a definition of “homophobia” that doesn’t seem to line up with other “phobias” as defined by the American Psychiatric Association’s definition, which in part describes a “phobia” as an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation.

Keaton doesn’t appear to be a “homophobe.” It seems he and his church are merely following the Bible regarding its teaching on the “sin” of homosexuality.

G.A. Settle, Front Royal, Va