Letter to the Editor: Please don’t leave your dog in a hot car


The day was either July 15 or 16. Two of the hottest days of the year so far. A late evening trip to Lowes in Front Royal had me just as hot — mad.

Leaving the store and going toward my vehicle, I saw a man exit his vehicle parked next to mine. Once in my car, I realized there was a large breed dog left in the four- door truck beside me. All the windows were cracked maybe 2 inches.

The temperature in my vehicle said it was 89 degrees. After sitting there for only two minutes, the dog started panting. As it was 8:50 p.m., I knew the store was closing and the man couldn’t be too much longer. I should have waited for him to return to the truck to tell him how dangerous it is to leave an animal in a parked vehicle.

Over a week later, I am still mad at myself for not doing so. After pulling out of the parking spot I could see the license plate on this truck. His personalized license referred to canines. Does this man work with animals on a daily basis? He should have known better.

I can only hope this dog is still healthy and that the owner of this dog never leaves him in a hot vehicle again. Animals are precious creatures, they should be treated as such.

Patti Griffith, Luray