Letter to the Editor: Front Royal should pass the taxi ordinance


Taking a taxi cab is an essential need in Front Royal for those who can’t or don’t want the headache or high expense of a second car. More urgently, an ordinance requiring criminal backround checks on all drivers should be a must. These drivers pick us up and take us to our homes. They know where we shop and live.

People with a history of violent crime, drug addiction and sex offenders should be restricted from this work. The rate of repeat offenders and relapse with drugs and other crimes is severe. The public’s safety must come first. The most vulnerable citizens such as the elderly, battered women and women with children are at risk.

Driving a taxi is offering too much opportunity and temptation to those in recovery and on probation. Crime and drugs or alcohol go hand in hand.

I strongly support the Town Council in passing this ordinance right away. I don’t want Front Royal to be a place for danger to come. I love the “envision” program. A clean, safe town to call our home is what we deserve.

Kathleen McGovern, Front Royal