Letter to the Editor: Future leaders should care more about us


Last August our attorney general told some folks at a meeting of the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce that health insurance should not cover routine doctor visits.

I’m not sure what he meant by routine, but I guess he means those visits to check on your health, like once-a-year physicals with blood work to see how you are doing, or the gynecological exams to check for problems like cancer, or the colonoscopy to check for cancer if you are over 50, or the mammograms that doctors order for women to check for cancer.

Seems a lot of our “routine” doctor visits are focused on early detection of cancer so as to give us a chance of surviving such an occurrence. Seems our attorney general thinks we should not have the benefit of having our health insurance pay for these visits to our doctor.

I’m glad that the folks running the health insurance companies know a bit more about the cost of health care than our attorney general, such that they are aware that detecting and fighting cancer as early as possible is more healthy and less costly than waiting for cancer to show its ugly face later.

It seems our attorney general is more concerned with his ideological disagreements with the Affordable Care Act than he is with the health of those of us living in the Commonwealth of Virginia. But then, that appears to be so for most of the current Republicans across the country, especially those of the “Tea Party” variety. That is a sad state of affairs, it seems to me, and quite unhealthy for our state and our country, not to mention us. I for one hope that our future leaders have more concern for us.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley