Letter to the Editor: McAuliffe can’t grow state’s economy


It is truly amazing to hear Terry McAuliffe promote himself as the candidate who can grow Virginia’s economy. That’s a laugh.

Based on his record of support for President Obama and his actions as a “Clinton appendage,” we know McAuliffe would push to grow state government, raise taxes and strongly back Obamacare. He has flip-flopped on his earlier stances on use of clean coal technology and offshore drilling. He has had close relations with the unions and is suspiciously silent on Virginia’s long-time history as a “right-to-work”state.

You can bet if he wins, union bosses will be forcing everyone to join their ranks and push budget-busting contracts. He also wants to raise the minimum wage. That helps the union bosses and, as economists note, kills jobs.

Compare that with Ken Cuccinelli’s record. It is simply no contest. Cuccinelli would reduce taxes for business and working families, ease the death tax and cap state spending. He has even prepared a Workforce Investment and Jobs Plan to help retrain unemployed workers for 21st century jobs.

The idea that McAuliffe has any business being anywhere near the Governor’s Mansion, let alone running Virginia’s economy, is a joke. Hopefully, the voters will have the last laugh.

Michael Calhoun, Basye