Letter to the Editor: Pitts should follow his own advice


Northern Virginia Daily readers were treated with yet another irresponsible, paranoid and xenophobic screed by the Miami Herald’s house demagogue, Leonard Pitts (“Two steps forward, one step back” on July 18).

Anyone with any sense understands that the Zimmerman trial and verdict is not representative of wholesale violence or animus against blacks by non-blacks.

This case was about self-defense — and the fundamentally legitimate notion of self-defense prevailed. Even the prosecution dared not go where Pitts ventures — with good reason.

The facts before, during and now surfacing after the trial undeniably prove that race had nothing to do with the shooting — at least not from Zimmerman’s perspective. Stand your ground law had nothing to do with it, also.

Pitts believes the focus is on some “white privilege” which hasn’t existed for two generations. He joins our cynical leaders in promoting this myth while the “black community” continues its societal decline by its own chronic underachievement.

It’s easy to provoke the bitterly aggrieved by projecting one’s shortcomings onto others.

Pitts rallies for more financial support of the NAACP. Yet those running the once vital organization don’t advocate the advancement of people by their own merit as their predecessors had.

Sadly, the ongoing horror of so many dead black youths across this nation has nothing to do with the NAACP. As Department of Justice statistics show, blacks are dying violently at a rate of 6,800 a year – 92 percent of them are killed at the hands of blacks.

Unlike the Martin shooting, a vast majority of those killings actually met the standards of first- and second-degree murder – if not manslaughter. (Cue the cricket sounds from the NAACP convention this week.)

So, where is the legitimate outrage by the NAACP? — a rhetorical question, of course. One must have a legitimate, urgent agenda in order to have legitimate outrage when the vitally necessary goals are unrealized.

Instead of admonishing an organization which has lost its way, the writer offers a shameless fundraising appeal masquerading as an important opinion piece.

Pitts should follow his own opening advice: “Wake the hell up.”

Dan Flathers, Toms Brook