Letter to the Editor: We can change things


As I write this on a day when we celebrate our freedom and very grateful for everyone who stood up to get this country where we are now, I wonder just how much longer I am able to do this.

No, this is not a doom and gloom nor the sky’s falling, but it’s time we face the facts. So, maybe it is doom and gloom. Call it like you see it.

What in the world is going on? Why don’t we, as Christians, stand up for what is right? Yes, I said we because it’s time to stop pointing the finger and look in the mirror and say it’s up to me to make a change for what we see going on. It’s not up to Washington. It’s not up to the politicians. It’s up to us. To you and me.

You pick up the newspaper and see the great celebration on the front page because people of the same sex can now get married, and we sit silently by. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. It’s wrong, people. It’s wrong.

A so-called celebrity changes the words of the national anthem and not a word of protest. If this were a right-wing conservative, the media would be on us like ugly on an ape.

We sit by and watch millions of babies being slaughtered and let it go by silently. So many people say we can’t return, we have gone too far. Don’t believe that for a minute. We can turn it around.

Churches elect or appoint people for offices as well as clergy who are openly for the things mentioned above and sit in the pews and pray for blessings on Sunday mornings? Hello? The Bible clearly states that God will bless the nation that calls him their Lord. We have been blessed because of the home of the brave. People brave enough to stand up for our rights we now enjoy, or what’s left.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg