Letter to the Editor: Two peas in a pod


When Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli first ran for state-wide office four years ago, their records indicated they were two peas in a pod – faithful foot soldiers of the reactionary Virginia Republican Party. In a masterful campaign, McDonnell convinced the voters he was a moderate. He won in a breeze.

I opposed him because I thought I knew his politics. We now know that he and his family accepted cash, loans and gifts valued far in excess of $100,000 from a businessman seeking help from the government of Virginia. The governor alleges nothing he has done is criminal. That’s yet to be decided; the grand jury’s still out. In any event, this has the distinct aroma of the Nixon defense.

There is no question but what McDonnell did was wrong. His several apologies to the people of Virginia and repayment of his ill-gotten gains confirm that. He will have great difficulty establishing black is white this go around.

Then we have Cuccinelli, attorney general of Virginia and Republican candidate for governor. We learn that he, too, took gifts from the same guy as McDonnell. Cuccinelli has also gained notoriety far beyond the borders of the Old Dominion as one of the nation’s most active state officials in ensuring the extremist right wing social notions of the tea party are pressed down upon the people. Further, as attorney general, at great cost to his state, he lost every major case he brought for political purposes.

Cuccinelli has quite a hill to climb to persuade us that, despite his record, he’s simply a good fellow who will work to improve job prospects.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock