Letter to the Editor: Cast your vote for Mary Daniel


It is a sad day when an electorate becomes so complacent and disengaged that it ousts an outstanding public servant, a scholar, and a gentleman like Joe May from serving the 33rd District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

It is a great day when someone whose life as a parent, Berryville councilwoman, and head of a busy Winchester law practice steps up to the plate and offers to serve her neighbors in the 33rd District, Virginia House of Delegates.

Mary Daniel was born and raised here in the Shenandoah Valley and maintains close ties with the people, understanding well their needs as the result of years of service to her community, local government, and nonprofit organizations in the area, including the Frederick County Rotary Club. She was educated at University of Virginia and T.C. Williams School of Law in Richmond, and is a strong supporter of public, private and home schooling educational opportunities.

I believe Daniel will represent her constituents from Winchester, Frederick, Clarke and Loudoun Counties in the 33rd District in Richmond with energy, intelligence, moderation, and common sense.

I will vote for Mary Daniel for Virginia House of Delegates, Nov. 5. I hope you do, too.

Mary Jane Lee, Berryville